So, what do you do on a summer Saturday afternoon when you have nothing specifically planned? You get together with some of your most creative buddies and film a People Get Ready music video. Simple as that! Maybe not THAT simple but you get my drift.

People Get Ready
When my brilliant bass player buddy Jon Freeman, a Berklee student, asked me if I would be interested in a summer music video project, I wasn’t quite sure which direction this would go until the actual day we met in his living room (story of my life).
People Get Ready by Curtis Mayfield (arr by Kenny Ranking)
I showed up with my filming (Nikon D7100) and audio recording gear (an old 2005 Mac running an ancient Ableton Live, and a FIREPOD interface), and a home made flat LED panel that would become our only lighting source as the evening advanced. On the “set” I was also introduced to the ridiculously talented Carlton Coleman, who’s voice and piano playing galvanized this whole project.
I have to point out that the most important factor to the equation was to add my friend Dean Skuldt who took care exclusively of the sound recording aspect. Honestly I really don’t know what I would have done if I had to think of that while filming. Wearing more hats than only filming would have taken a toll. What was I thinking?


Also known as What You See Is What You Get (or a videosong), is a concept introduced a couple years ago, of filming a music video  where the sound is being captured as the protagonist (or band) is being filmed one take at a time.
This results in a music video where you actually hear the sound produced right there and then, unlike the usual overdubbed versions where everything is being lip synced.


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