So, we have this cabin we go to, that our friends so gratefully share with us every summer. It’s been one of the highlight, we look forward to every time. It’s a beautiful quiet real log cabin hidden within pine woods in Wisconsin, away from all the craziness of the big city. Yes, no Internet or phone reception. There’s a land line with a duck shaped phone with two red LEDs for eyes when you pick it up. Peculiar.
This summer we turned a decade since we first came in 2007, so I thought of putting together a little video edit that tells of basically what we do here — cooking, walking in the woods, swimming in the lake, fishing, ride the golf cart, and of course taking photos and video footage. Loads of them. Check the cabin highlights gallery on Stocksy United (all clips from this short edit can be licensed there).
Ah, yes… and lately, uhm, wearing masks. Don’t ask.

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