About PhotoGabi

1I am the “Gabi” part in PhotoGabi. The part that grew up in Romania playing with his Dad’s 35mm film camera while a child, and later moved to Chicago, IL, started a guitar tube amp shop for 12 years and then ventured into stock photography and anything beyond.

2 This is where the “Photo” side comes in, which is the outlet for anything visually creative that comes out of the right brain side of the Gabi part. The side that comes up with ideas, yet sometimes the part that’s occasionally under the weather, in a true creative manner. Nevertheless, the part that has no borders.

Video produced by Brian Powell


Gabi Bucataru, creative

Because every person, event, place has a story. It exists on this Planet for a reason, and it deserves a proper visual footprint to tell this story to us. Stop for a moment now and take a 180 view. Chances are that you will discover someone or something that deserves one. Have an idea? Let’s talk about it!


Gabi Bucataru, photographer

Each project is a challenge. Life is a challenge. And that’s exactly what keeps me buzzing. Because with each photoshoot, I am learning something new about the people, their world and their story. Each photo I take is a millisecond of their life they shared with me. That is precious.


Gabi Bucataru, editor

This is where I am wearing the storyteller hat. It’s not just another set of photos or video footage. It is a dream ready to be weaved together. It’s like the pieces of a puzzle revealing its story as it takes shape. This is where I have most of the fun.

About PhotoGabigabi