It happened. After much planning and expectation I finally met my <a href=””>Stocksy United</a> rock stars! We’ve known each other from the Stocksy forums, but actually meeting the characters behind each portfolio was a treat for me.


It is amazing what a vibrant chemistry this gang had! Putting a face behind a name, brings the whole experience at a whole new level.
It’s no surprise to me that Stocksy has such a success and talent base, but also such an amazing and positive community that supports each other and I am STOCKED to be a part!

So, thank you <a href=””>Alejandro</a>, for including me in your awesome selfies and flying all the way from Barcelona! Thanks <a href=””>Lumina gang (Aleksej, Uros, Jovana and Jelena)</a> for picking out the spots to eat, <a href=””>Peter B</a> for an excellent beer advice, <a href=””>Oana and Alex at RG&amp;B</a> for reminding me that Cluj rocks (and driving this far), <a href=””>Aleksandra</a> and <a href=””>Branislav</a> for getting that awesome trio photo with you and explaining the Krokodil part in your screen name :-), and of course <a href=””>Jovo</a> for infusing me an extra dose of fun and meeting the person behind the amount of likes on my Stocksy photos! And not lastly, <a href=””>Beatrix</a> for giving us all these amazing ideas for spots to meet! Spiler was a hit! We missed you!

We couldn’t ask for a better day although the light wasn’t what we would call photographic, but was enough to keep us walking up the hill and back (via subway) to Spiler (where all roads should meet).

Till next time (maybe in Belgrade?), rock on Stocksy gang!

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