It was only a matter of time really. The video bug bit me a long time ago, but I never got around to really sit down (or get off my butt for that matter) to actually create something. So I finally filmed, edited and posted the first batch of stock video footage on Dissolve.

Started out with just some everyday stuff like watching movies, baking bread or cookies, beekeeping, listening to music, lighting charcoal or smoke bombs, and visiting to the park.

Selective Focus of an African American Child Dangling Her Bare Feet Sitting on A Bench in a Park

Old 16mm movie projector mechanics

I can see this easily turning into a fun operation, that will complement my still stock portfolio on Stocksy. Since I already have the camera and setup for a photoshoot, why not take a couple motion clips also? I’ll probably hit some challenges since video adds a whole different set of variables in the equation like movement, focusing, etc., but it should be fun.

Old 16mm movie projector playing a movie with some smoke



Adding one cup of flour to a dough in a mixer

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