Caprese salad
Caprese Salad With (license from )

Sometimes it really doesn’t take much to capture an image full of emotion and impact. I am still learning the ropes myself. It’s so easy to over clutter a setup thinking that the more you add, the more meaningful it becomes and rightly so, sometimes that’s the case.
But just like with cooking, certain recipes call for just a few flavor-packed ingredients to make a memorable dish. Such was the case of this simple Caprese salad, with only three ingredients – tomatoes, fresh mozarella cheese and basil.
Since it is summer after all and there’s no excuse to not grow tomatoes and basil even if you have a small patch of land as we do (or perhaps rent a small plot for the summer) we just had a delicious fresh crop of tomatoes and basil. The only thing that had to be bought was the mozzarella cheese.

Arrange it all on some interesting surfaces as this beat-up cutting board that looks like 100 years old (it is in fact 1 month old only), add some interesting lighting (natural), and you are in for some photographic treat and great stock image candidates.

Not to speak of the delicious result you’ll have to eat after you are done with your photoshoot.

Caprese salad on a stick from above (license image from )
caprese salad tower (license photo from )
caprese tower (license photo from )
caprese salad tray (license image from )
caprese salad dish (license image from )

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