I don’t know how many times I had to fill, sign then email an artist release out to be signed, instruct the model to print it, sign it, scan it then send it back hopefully receive it in time to post my images. Believe me, I felt the pain of signing artist releases, but I think I’ve got an efficient workflow that doesn’t need any printing or scanning on the model side which an advantage in itself.

Stocksy Artist Release

I am using the Stocksy artist release template, primarily to make it available for my Stocksy friends, but it can be easily used for any other applications. What I simply did (using Adobe Reader), was to add text fields so I (or the model) can easily type their information without the need of printing it out, then filling the info by hand. So I would ask for the info in an email, then fill out the form myself, add my signature (and the witness one) via the Place Signature (my template always has those two signatures already applied), then use the “Get Others to Sign” that will let you email the document to the model to be signed via Adobe’s EchoSign service. There I only pull a signature field on the “Model or Guardian Signature” field and send it off. Once the model signs it (digitally) I will receive a notification email with the signed release attached. Then I simply use that release to upload for the respective photos with the model.
Bingo! That’s all. No printer or scanner needed. It’s as simple as email on the receiver’s side. They can even sign it from their mobile devices.

Below you can download the artist release template you can use. Make sure you do a “Save As…” for each release so you can keep the template blank.



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