And so another end of April came by which means that I take off for another 1-week trip to Romania to visit my Dad and friends. I’ve been going there every other year and later every year for the past decade or so. It’s something I look forward to as I plan for it every time. For one because I get to visit with my Dad and his extended family, and second because the trip is an endless inspiration for my photo and video work. Romania is still one of those pristine epic places where everything is full of life, time stands still in some places in the country, with wonderful people and culture.


Every trip to Romania consists usually of the same pattern give or take. Spending time with my Dad and extended family at the apartment in the city, then spending the weekend in the village, which is 1 hour away from Timisoara, my hometown, then work on a project or two for my photo and video portfolio. This year I happened to be working on a bigger project in filming a documentary about a Swedish guy (Andreas Samuelsson) and his venture working with the Roma people in a woodworking venture called Kenosis. I got the chance to spend two full days of filming in the woodshop and surroundings with Andreas and Bebe two wonderful human beings that live on this planet.
Lots of fun but also loads of work. I came home with about 1Tb of footage that I am digging through currently. More on this in the days to come.


So, we celebrated my Dad’s 85th birthday while I was there. This guy can never sit still. He is ALWAYS working on some sort of project. I want to be like him when I grow up 🙂
His latest thing was building a pretty sizeable workshop in the back yard at their village home. So I imagined it more like a small toolshed of sorts, but no. This was a real woodshop, with a table saw, shelves, storage place, and so on. While I was there he was making some sort of metallic flower stand he was commissioned with so I documented the whole process.
Ah yes! If you are interested in licensing any of these photos or footage for stock royalty-free from this Romana Trip they are available at Stocksy United:

Dad welding the pieces on a metallic flower stand
Dad welding the pieces on a metallic flower stand
Smiling Elderly Man
Elderly man cutting metal with a power tool
Senior man and his project
Elderly man working on a flower stand project
Smiling elderly man in a doorway
Smiling senior portrait
Cutting metal with a grinder

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