fall foliage photoshop brushes

Happy Fall (or Autumn) to all of you!

As we are entering the Autumnal equinox, with colorful foliage everywhere, I prepared a set of five Photoshop brushes that might come in handy in this time of the year. It took me a short walk around our backyard to collect a couple of interesting shaped leaves from the trees and shrubs we have: black locust, gooseberry, Arborvitaes, sage and English Ivy.
You can fiddle with the Shape Dynamics and Scattering settings in Photoshop’s brush panel to get an interesting spread like in the picture below. I also included a video tutorial from my favorite Hungarian expert Martin Perhiniak on how to become a wizard at manipulating photoshop brushes.
As always please leave a comment below with a link to your art where you used these brushes – it will make my day.

Happy Autumn!

fall foliage photoshop brushes
fall foliage photoshop brushes




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