Got to experiment first-hand color grading Sony a7sIII 10-bit footage from Brandon Li‘s extended review. Insanely wide dynamic range latitude and solid color science. The review is showcasing the SIRUI 50 and 35mm anamorphic lenses which I am in love with. The footage was shot in a Slog-3 color profile.

It was a breeze to work with low-light Slog-3 shots from the new Sony a7sIII since the previous models had notoriously intense noise in the shadows filming in that picture profile. This considering that Slog-3 doesn’t have in-camera noise reduction and you don’t go above ISO 1600 otherwise you get some nasty chroma. The shadows retained details with gusto so it made pushing a low-con, muted look with no visible issues. I suspect the 10-bit color depth plays somewhat of a major role here.

It’s not Alexa footage but still, Sony came a long ways since their previous generation pro-sumer models.

SourceBrandon Li
EditorBrandon Li
Color Grading – Gabriel Bucataru