You should always have a project or two in mind when you travel. For one, it will help you stay focused and organized and then it’ll give you something to spend your time instead of aimlessly wondering the streets. And if you have none, don’t worry, ask your local friends to come up with an idea. This is one of the projects I had a chance to participate and work on with my friend Emil Kindlein on my last trip to Romania.

Analog Mania
Emil is the organizer of a yearly one week event called Analog Mania taking place in Timisoara, Romania, and event covering everything from analog photography techniques to film, music, and anything that has to do with analog technology and art.
The 3rd edition just got wrapped up last month with participants from Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, plus a hosts of local artists.

Analog Studio & Lab
Emil is trying to infuse life in a project that would revive an old abandoned film projection room into a state of the art Analog Studio & Lab at the Youth Center in Timisoara that would serve as an educational center for youngsters (and not only) about all things analog, including having the two old-school projectors fully functional ready to run.
While in Timisoara, I’ve got a chance to film this fundraising video for his project. The place looked pretty deplorable but it’s packed with potential. We had to improvise filming with whatever light we had available in the room. But good news, there were no rats!
And here it is, after many months of editing, the project is online on indiegogo. Please consider participating as you see it fit from the link below.

the crew
the crew

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