The outskirts of Timisoara, Romania.

A handful of people from the Roma communities in the near-by villages are creating some remarkable pieces of furniture out of reclaimed wood that otherwise was destined for the fire. They are sold all over the world in high-end restaurants or residences.
By crafting these unique pieces of art the Romas are redefining their worth and identity in Romania’s modern society that has a history of marginalizing their community. This is the story of one of their workers, Bebe, and Andreas, a Swede living in Timisoara who had a vision of investing in their lives by starting a foundation and a woodshop called Kenosis.

To Build a Home is an opportunity for Roma people to build a life for themselves while crafting unique pieces of functional art in a creative environment.

Filmed in spring 2019 in Timisoara, Romania

Director/Editor – Gabriel Bucataru
Director of Photography – Emil Kindlein
Music – Dean Skuldt
Color Grading – Gabriel Bucataru
Special thanks: The KENOSIS team Andreas Samuelsson Nicola “Bebe” Petru-Martin, Lili Molnar-Popa, Stephanie Bucataru, Juliet Skuldt, Ovride Cafe